Canadian International School of Kuwait

Canadian International School of Kuwait

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For personalized learning

Assessment-driven instruction for K–12 reading, language arts, and math

Exact Path makes learning personal by offering adaptive diagnostic assessments combined with individualized instruction to promote growth. Whether you’re running a station rotation model in 3rd grade for individualized support or steering 10th graders through closing significant gaps in order to graduate, Exact Path supports each learner’s individual academic goals.

Diagnose learning needs with our valid adaptive assessments, or leverage your data from our partners, NWEA and Renaissance

Instruct K-12 students with competency-based curriculum and automatic remediation at the discrete skill level

Target unique learner needs and plan your next move with teacher notifications and digital assignments

Analyze growth, progress, and usage via aggregated data views and specific student reports

Supporting Learning Journey

That pathway being there means that student A doesn’t have to be on the same pathway as student B… We’re all trying to get to the same area, but we aren’t all starting in one place

— Marlin Ramsey, Assistant Superintendent, Beauregard Parish Schools, LA