Canadian International School of Kuwait

Canadian International School of Kuwait

 Full Time and Part Time Tuition Fees

All courses and programs included in the table below will be available for enrollment at the indicated price.



Registration Fees Separate from course material

Kds 200

Visual Academy Digital Per Student

Kds  498

Visual Academy Instructional Support Per Student

Kds  544

EdOptions Academy College Pathways School Year

Kds  1165

Full Time – EdOptions Academy Elementary Pathways

Kds  1317

Part Time –  EdOptions Academy 18 Week Core Courses

Kds  390

Part Time – EdOptions Academy 18 Week CTE and Elective Courses

Kds  390

Part Time – EdOptions Academy 18 Week Advanced Courses

Kds  400

Part Time – EdOptions Academy 18 Week World Language Courses

Kds  400

Terms and Conditions for Academy Products:

 Your purchases shall be invoiced and payable by you. To the extent that you have not provided a Subsequent Purchase Order to cover your Purchases, upon our request, you will promptly issue a subsequent Purchase Order in the amount we identify to cover such Purchases. You agree to pay all invoices within 15 days of receipt. Although we will generally not invoice you until after you enroll, use, or access, we reserve the right to immediately invoice you for any services you purchase.

College Pathways School Year allows the student access to the Academy for a set 12-month school year with a start date of 9/13 and end date of 7/31. Active Yearly per Student allows the student access for a 12-month period following initial enrollment date.

Enrollment extensions are available:  2 Weeks – kds 60     4 Weeks – kds 120.

Our Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities:

We will administer the program with the support of your staff.

We will be responsible for the following:

  • Provide the licensed courses to students using the program.
  • Provide qualified teachers for each course (valid for Vison Academy Digital only if Instructional Support option for Vision Academy is utilized per Appendix A).
  • Provide live training and/or training through webinar(s) for individuals selected by you to facilitate the program, in accordance with the services you have purchased.
  • Provide an online registration and course enrollment process.
  • Provide online access to student progress on an ongoing basis to appropriate personnel that you identify.
  • Provide access to the online courses that you’ve licensed 24 hours 7 days a week for student and organization use, subject to normal downtime for updates and maintenance.
  • Provide reporting on student progress throughout each course and program.
  • Access to learning management system which gives access to student info, student’s official gradebook, and communications concerning student.
  • Printable access to an enrolled student’s transcript.