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Vision Academy​

Providing World Class K-12 Virtual Learning Options

More options = more learning

Today’s students want more than one-size-fits-all learning. Academy is a fully accredited K through career online school that offers award-winning curriculum, certified teachers, and high school diplomas to schools and students who need flexible, personalized learning options.

  • Rigorous curriculum across core and elective subjects
  • Certified teachers who are highly qualified, trained, and experienced in online teaching
  • Live 1:1 online tutoring available on-demand 24/7 through partnership with FEV Tutor
  • Student Success Coaches available to provide an extra layer  of student support
  • Instruction for special populations from certified teachers qualified to provide IEP support

Course Completion

Passing Rate

Virtual Courses Facilitated  by Expert Educators

Great teachers are critical  to student success—no matter what kind of learning environment they are working in. Academy’s team of educators has the expertise to provide effective instruction and the dedication to form meaningful relationships.



Hold  an education- related bachelor’s

or advanced degree


Have 3+ years of experience


years of experience combined


of students say  their Academy teacher cares about their success


Virtual Instruction. Real Connections.

Learning is personal. Academy teachers go the extra mile to get to know  every student, prioritize communication, and make sure virtual learning is an interactive, collaborative experience.

  • Regular communication with students, parents, and school staff
  • Teachers utilize video conferencing, phone, email, and text  message
  • Synchronous live lessons
  • Daily live help hours open to all students
  • Guaranteed 24 hour response time

Every child  has the ability to learn and succeed—watching that

happen is my ‘why.’

Mastery-Based K–Career Online Curriculum Built for

Rigor, Engagement, and  Standards Alignment

No matter where your  learners are in their academic journey, Academy offers age-appropriate

K–career courses to meet students’ unique needs.

Grade K–5 Courses from Calvert Learning to Make

Virtual Education Work  for Elementary Students

  • Carefully curated, research-based curriculum designed to engage learners

elementary •    Problem-based activities and application-focused projects

  • Interactive multimedia resources and skills-building games
  • Resources for caregivers to help guide and facilitate learning

Grade 6–12 Courses to Help  Students Meet Post- Secondary Goals

  • 400+ semesters of core, elective, CTE, world language, and advanced courses

    • Original credit or credit recovery for catalog expansion, acceleration, or remediation
    • Rigorous preparation for college and careers, including NCAA

    program approval

Grade 9–Career Courses to Prepare Students for What’s Next

Provide struggling learners with an alternative path to graduation with an Academy fully accredited diploma

    • Help career-minded learners prepare for high-demand fields like healthcare and IT industry-recognized credentials
    • Support adult learners working towards high-school equivalency or career advancement

Did you  know

Cognia (formerly AdvancED) rated Academy as meeting or exceeding expectations in 31 of 33 quality indicators

Elementary Courses that  Make Online Education

Engaging for Young Learners

Some parents and educators recognize early  on that their young students will benefit from an approach that is a little different. Academy courses powered  provide K–5 students with hands-on, collaborative virtual instruction that’s  designed specifically for their needs and developmental stage so that you can  reach more elementary students in non- traditional academic situations.


Struggling students


Traveling families


Homebound students


International students

An interactive approach for active young minds

Education research has taught us a lot about the way young children learn.  The  courses use that body of knowledge to carefully curate the best online content for K–5 students and pair  it with thoughtfully designed project-based learning.

Research-based, age-appropriate curriculum that appeals to different learning styles

  • Engaging, problem-based activities

and projects that challenge students to apply what they learn in deeper, more meaningful ways

  • Interactive multimedia resources including skills-building games, videos, quizzes, and virtual labs
  • Instructional approach designed around adult Learning Guides prepared to take an active role in facilitating a highly personalized learning journey for their elementary student

Flexible Online Courses to Power  Graduation Success

Each school year,  schools are faced with the certainty that some of their students might not graduate. Academy can  provide flexible pathways to keep more students on track for earning their high  school diplomas and increase your  graduation rates.

  • Provide extra support for high school students identified as at-risk
  • Offer an alternative learning environment and credit recovery options for students who  have struggled in the traditional classroom
  • Work closely with students, school staff,  and Academy staff  to help students earn their high  school’s diploma

For high  school seniors who  will not  be able to meet certain requirements, take advantage of alternative pathways to graduation with fully AdvancED- accredited Academy private diplomas:

  • College-preparatory diploma
  • Career-preparatory diploma, including preparation to earn industry credentials

Did you  know?

The average high school graduation rate for students in CTE programs is 93%–significantly

higher than the national average of 80%

We needed a program that would provide our students with qualified teachers, strong and rigorous content, and a diploma accredited by a recognized agency.

Academy has allowed us to offer a range of courses that we couldn’t.

Personalized Coaching to Promote Success in the  Virtual

Classroom and  Real Life

School is about so much more than academics virtual learning should never be simply  a student computer. Expand the network of support avail students enrolled in Academy courses by worki our  Success Coaches. Students work  with a sing Coach throughout their time with Academy to d meaningful, personal relationship

  • Focus on progress-monitoring and motivating students to stay on-pace in their virtual courses
  • Provide problem solving support to pinpoint specific barriers to learning, develop strategies to overcome those challenges, and help students build self-advocacy skills
  • Act as a liaison between students, families, and school staff by ensuring clear and regular communication

It’s a great way  to take classes and earn credits that you  might not

be able to fit into a regular school day.

Tailored Instructional Support

Virtual learning isn’t just  for advanced students or credit recovery—the highly personalized experience the online environment facilitates can  be a great fit for special population students as well. Academy has the dedicated staff,  flexible curriculum, and learning tools to effectively meet the needs of students working under IEPs or 504 plans, as well as English  language learners (ELLs).

  • Highly experienced teachers certified for special education available who are qualified to facilitate IEP or 504 plan determination meetings and assist with ongoing plan development
  • Personalized, one-on-one attention, including synchronous instruction opportunities, to benefit students who have struggled with the stimuli present in traditional classrooms
  • Language, reading, and notetaking supports built into  Academy digital curriculum platform including text- to-speech, highlighter, dictionary, translation, and more
  • Students are empowered to move through courses at their own pace with customized or modified content accommodations available as necessary

Customized 1:1 Live Tutoring  to Extend  Online Learning

Academy virtual courses enable students to learn 24/7,  on their own  schedules. Live, on-demand

1:1 tutoring available through partnership with FEV Tutor gives students access to the extra help they need to succeed, whenever they need it

  • Live 1:1 tutoring available 24/7 either on demand or on a pre-scheduled basis to serve as an extension of Academy learning support
  • Outstanding tutors who hold at minimum a 4-year bachelor’s degree with 2 years of teaching or tutoring experience and have passed extensive background checks
  • Full integration within the Academy platform for easy student access
  • Personalized tutoring and academic coaching with language support for Academy coursework, targeted skill building, and test prep
  • Holistic support to foster open, effective communication between virtual course students, school staff, and parents

I appreciate [my tutor’s] time to answer my questions and being

patient with me. When I don’t understand something, he takes his

time showing me the right answer.

— Sixth Grade student using FEV Tutor

Replacing  Face to Face with Heart  to Heart

Virtual instruction provides students with the flexibility to learn on their own terms, retrieve lost credits, and participate in out-of-school activities that they would not  be able to engage in otherwise. Vision Academy International can partner to deliver the resources—and the expertise—to leverage the power of virtual learning with our  fully accredited Academy. Together, we’ll work with you to identify an implementation plan tailored just for you and provide opportunities to help you establish the best learning environment for your  school.

Every student has a unique story and needs. Meet six kinds of students

Academy courses can help to meet just where they’re at.

Homeschool Student Meet Jessie! Jessie has been homeschooled in the past, but  now that Jessie has reached middle school his parents want a more supported option. Virtual school helps Jessie and his

family retain the benefits of learning at home while receiving the administrative support and cost-saving benefits of enrollment.

At-Risk Student

Meet Stephanie! In her third year of high  school, Stephanie only earned enough credits to be considered a sophomore. She struggles with family issues, causing her to fail courses and fall behind. Stephanie must find a path to get back  on track. Virtual school is a flexible solution.

Course-Expansion Student Meet Joyce! Joyce is passionate about graphic design but  constraints, like budgets and limited numbers of interested students, make offering courses on that subject difficult.  Virtual courses help Joyce pursue her interest, stay  engaged and enter postsecondary education or the workforce with an advantage

Advanced Student

Meet Ellie! An active sports enthusiast, band member, and honor student, Ellie dreams of one day becoming a doctor. She advanced a full year ahead of her classmates and wants to continue to feel challenged and prepared for the future

as she balances her busy schedule. Ellie is able to take advantage of AP® courses by developing advanced subject skills on her own  time

Homebound Student

Meet Greg! Greg was recently injured during football playoffs and broke both of his legs. He is unable to commute to school at this time but  wants to make sure that he stays on track while he

is homebound. By accessing courses online, Greg can remain engaged in and accountable for his learning while

working on his assignments at times and locations most convenient for him.

Scheduling-Issue Student

Meet Stan! Stan  is a motivated student who  wants to prepare for college and explore other cultures by taking Spanish. However, his schedule is already packed with elective courses and it’s difficult  to

fit another class  in. Virtual learning allows Stan  to overcome schedule challenges and pursue his interest in Spanish.

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